If you die now, you know that i'd die too (break_this) wrote in words_inblood,
If you die now, you know that i'd die too

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oh wow. boredom

Picture Perfect

Just picture all the words said

Harder than to income pain

Than to change to outgoing

Words of less understanding

Feelings of unsecure

Nothing to hold you in

Everything to hold you back

Just never thought it could end this way

Suspicious I was not

No one ever knowing

How this came to be

No one ever knowing

The real me

Just everything here is holding me back

Nothing better to do than sit back and relax

But the pain incoming is so hard to export

It seems the same old never ending day


Never again


Find you

If I could, I'd run away and try to find you

An escape route for the world I live

I'm gonna run away and find you

So I'd have a real reason to live

Hiding from the secrets kept underneath me breath

Keeping it low, keeping it quiet

Never gonna express the feelings i feel

I'm gonna run away

To hide from pain

Never come back

I know it's waiting

I'm gonna find you

The escape route

I'm gonna find you, no matter what goes wrong


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