If you die now, you know that i'd die too (break_this) wrote in words_inblood,
If you die now, you know that i'd die too

OK. We really need more members. haha. i'm the only one keeping this place nearly alive. -_-

Shattered within

I see you all beaten and bruised
I see you get whipped and smacked
I see the tears running from your eyes
I see you but you don't see me
You grew too accustomed to the world your in
You've gotten used to the abuse within
I scream out your name, but you don't seem to hear
I show you my hand, but you don't seem to see
Your stuck in the world of darkness and shadows
I try to bring you out as i get dragged in
But you just don't seem to sense the love and care within.

I was watching Animal Precinct while writing this...guess thats where i got the ideas. ha.
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