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This is where we come.. [entries|friends|calendar]
Words in Blood

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[02 Feb 2006|08:32pm]

There is an angel
you can tell by their wings
you cant change what they bring to you
you cant change what things are destined to come
you cant change
cuase if you change...

DO you really wanna know what this is all about?
Do you really wanna know what i'm thinking outloud?
Do you wanna watch the sunset?
Do you really wanna know what this is all about?

They play their trumpets or whatever they're called
its such a beautiul sound such a beautiful sight
you're such a beautiful sound
and the most beautiful sight
This is an angel
You can tell my the wings
Can they be with a human?
Oh no it seems.
I tried so hard to glue birds together
But when the try to fly they fall...
fall fall fall
they fall

DO you really wanna know what this is about?
Do you really wanna know what I am thinking outloud?
Do you wanna watch the moon rise?
Do you really wanna know what this song means..

Do you really wanna know (what this is not)
Do you really wanna pretend what we are not
Do you really wanna know what this is about
cuase i do..
oh i do...
angel i do.
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[18 Jan 2006|11:43am]

Its the faces hidden in the corner of the broken wooden desks
its the written graffiti signed wiuth a heart and last forever
teenage love and paper hearts
A sleeve with blood and arms of scars, Its only the attempt of suicide
Its only a faze she said, he said.
its only a faze..
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OH MAN! I FORGOT THIS EXSISTED! <3 [09 Dec 2005|06:45pm]

[ mood | curious ]

the basics.
name. Cheryl
age. 14
gender. shemale.
hobbies. i take pictures.

your favorites.
movie. i like swim fan..hella yess
band/singer. umm blink 182. erm...but there are many others
tv show. i dont watch tv much anymore
store. Hot Topic and SPENCERS.

your opinions.
abortion. its like...a needle going through a kids head..horrible..pht
gay marriage. its cool.
george bush. i think we're gonna die

the questions. (please explain answers.)
would you choose beauty or brains? umm brains?
name one thing you cant live without? you
who is your role-model? no one
where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years? not sure//
how would you describe yourself in one word? hello

choose 3 famous celebrities of your
choice and bitch about/praise them.
Brittany spears- slut
Dane Cook- THE SEX

promote to:
one community
one journal.
one boy.
post the links for proof.
(i don't get it?)

post at least 3 pictures.

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[22 Aug 2005|02:59pm]

ahhaha i remember when this community was created
and now it hasnt been updated in months

" You make it sound so easy to be alive. Tell me how am i supposed to seize this day?; when everything inside of me has died."

i love you all, mee .
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/ [14 Mar 2005|03:38pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

-edit- Fuck everyone rah gkerkk4o6k

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oh wow. boredom [19 Feb 2005|11:29am]

[ mood | bored ]

Picture Perfect

Just picture all the words said

Harder than to income pain

Than to change to outgoing

Words of less understanding

Feelings of unsecure

Nothing to hold you in

Everything to hold you back

Just never thought it could end this way

Suspicious I was not

No one ever knowing

How this came to be

No one ever knowing

The real me

Just everything here is holding me back

Nothing better to do than sit back and relax

But the pain incoming is so hard to export

It seems the same old never ending day


Never again


Find you

If I could, I'd run away and try to find you

An escape route for the world I live

I'm gonna run away and find you

So I'd have a real reason to live

Hiding from the secrets kept underneath me breath

Keeping it low, keeping it quiet

Never gonna express the feelings i feel

I'm gonna run away

To hide from pain

Never come back

I know it's waiting

I'm gonna find you

The escape route

I'm gonna find you, no matter what goes wrong


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[12 Feb 2005|02:14pm]

they'll never hurt you like i do.
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[19 Jan 2005|06:04pm]


Shineless stars

Can you see the stars tonight? oh. oh. so bright.

Can you see my soul tonight? oh so cold and frieght.

This is no story ever told, fiction as it sounds makes it seem

seem so real. too real to believe, too broken to be sold. too clean to tare

This is just the one story untold

"Don't be so iggnorant" they say. "i'm just so tired i can't get anymore wrong"

Just Look at the sky

The sky so dark

so dark tonight

Count the stars that are visable

on this pitch black night

Take each shining light and wear them around your neck

Don't ever take it off

Keep it like a shrine

A shrine to my memory.

A memory filled with watery eyes

Take all those stars you can see

see on this pitch black night.

Oh. Oh. can you see the stars, shining so bright

Darkness cannot escape.

The light destroys it's travels

But just take ever last shining star

Wear them around your neck

Take each and every star,

To make this shrine

Just count up each and every star

Each you see how much i love you

Each and every star on this starless night.

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[29 Dec 2004|09:50am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

in the shadows of a dream
she's screaming....

Hey Im a new member here so yeah.. um well hi:D

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[20 Dec 2004|05:16pm]

<P><U><EM>hey</EM></U> im on the <STRONG>phone with jen</STRONG>. Alyssas <U>on th</U>e other line. </P>
<P>this <STRONG>is like</STRONG> <EM>a dead</EM> journal. wow.</P>
<P>im <EM>soooo bor<STRONG>e</STRONG>d</EM>.</P>
<P>i kinda <EM>live</EM> at<STRONG> the</STRONG> mall.</P>
<P>why <STRONG>are you</STRONG> soo <U><EM>nic</EM></U>e? </P>
<P>u<EM>h</EM> t<U>hat</U> mad<EM><STRONG>e </STRONG></EM>no sense.. i j<STRONG>us</STRONG>t said that to jen. IIIIII GOTTA GO.</P>
<P><STRONG>bye hoes.</STRONG></P>
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tehe. hobo [16 Dec 2004|08:06pm]

is this one fun game to play
Being a teenager and nothing better?
thirteen through collage
Life has nothing more to give you
Failing grades, grounded everyday
One more reason for detention
more F's to increase parents tensions
Is this too much to live through?
A new job, pay the rent
New apartment, place to live,
No transportation, collage sucks
Bills keep coming, Essays build up
No refunds on that shirt that won't fit
Slamming the guitar with your normal fit
Is this to much to live through?
Hobo on the streets of NYU
Begging for cash to pay those bills
Parents divorced, lost contact too
Doing nothing to increase life's gold
Dieing everyday, Living each night
Bruised up from your weekly bloody fight
Drunk and driving, pulled over
Fucked up cop makes you do his orders
Jail time just fucks you up
Homeless on the streets and nothing to do
McDonalds does shit for that money due
Is this just too much to live through?
Well I guess this is all in order of growing up
It's all in order to fuck you up.
Do you..

[15 Dec 2004|12:02am]

yo. my niggas dont dance they just pull up tha pants and DO THE ROCAWAY so lean back . Lean back . Lean back. Lean back. this community was made on my computer. and im not even in it anymore. hehe goodnight alyssa<3
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..lonesome [19 Oct 2004|07:48pm]

Never realized what i was facing
Until it torn me down
I feel the darkness cover me
Never thought it would feel this way
Lost into the shadows of history
Time can not erase
Just never thought it would be me
and the thing is,
you did this
This is the end..
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[18 Oct 2004|07:19pm]

OK. We really need more members. haha. i'm the only one keeping this place nearly alive. -_-

Shattered within

I see you all beaten and bruised
I see you get whipped and smacked
I see the tears running from your eyes
I see you but you don't see me
You grew too accustomed to the world your in
You've gotten used to the abuse within
I scream out your name, but you don't seem to hear
I show you my hand, but you don't seem to see
Your stuck in the world of darkness and shadows
I try to bring you out as i get dragged in
But you just don't seem to sense the love and care within.

I was watching Animal Precinct while writing this...guess thats where i got the ideas. ha.
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[17 Oct 2004|12:11pm]

They tell me not to give up
it'll get better, it'll get better
They say that i shouldn't stop when i already have
That I wouldn't want to end up like him, but i already have
It's too late, what do i say
I tried to get through, i really did
But it isn't that easy when they all turned their backs.
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[14 Oct 2004|10:00pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

I write a letter in my head
repeating the things i never said
It seems to get harder and harder everyday
I never thought it would end this way
The flame burned out
This world turned cold
Just never knew i'd die alone.

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[12 Oct 2004|07:22pm]

the basics.
name. Cheryl
age. 13
gender. female
location. Putnam Valley NY
hobbies. mainly nothing. all i do is sit around my computer all day

your favorites.
movie. Swimfan
band/singer. Adema
tv show. Family Guy
store. Hot Topic

your opinions.
abortion. ehh no. but if you got raped then thats a different story. I really have no opinion on this.
gay marriage. yes and no.
george bush. hah. we're all gonna die, thats all i have to say

the questions. (please explain answers.)
would you choose beauty or brains? hmm. how smart or how dumb would you be? Brains could help you later on. but not when your a kid. and beauty can help you out both ways, but then you may not get the best job. idk
name one thing you cant live without? electricity
who is your role-model? no one. I don't live off of other people's dreams
where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years? maybe married (no kids..too young..) uhh and yea. i have a job i enjoy and get a good pay.
how would you describe yourself in one word? bitch

choose 3 famous celebrities of your
choice and bitch about/praise them.

Tom Welling: hott. my mom always brags about his hottness. And his home town is Putnam Valley. kick ass

Christina Agulara (idk how to spell her name hah)-bitch..maybe some good songs, but she thinks she's all that. ha bitch

promotion. I have no Idea what these are talking about..sorry.
promote to:
one community.
one journal.
one boy.
post the links for proof.

post at least 3 pictures.

yes, i must show off my babies :b Buttercup and Kisses

this is a pic of me and my sister. it was this summer at my cousin's wedding. not the best pic but o well idc.

-Poem(s) you wrote-

Darkness coves the world
The life dies under
The coldness comes in
And all you hear is thunder
Always alone, forever gonna be
Cuase you know nobody even sees me

I'm just making up some quick poems to get done with this. hah
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[26 Sep 2004|01:38pm]

aright your all fucking retarded. and since no one knows how to fucking comment there has been a cut. yes thats right. all you mofos except scareythoughts and hit_that143 are deleted.


Do you..

One last poem.. [23 Sep 2004|02:20pm]

Lets go play doctor..

Youve got my blood on your hands darling,
And its way to late for you to aplogize.

Clever Girls and Clever boys..
Denyed to life and used as toys.

Now the chorous is singing,

"we'll burn your bridges, burn them to the ground.

And the children are laughing

It all seems to make perfect sense dosent it?
Well I hope it does because this is the end of part one.

But was there ever a part two?
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IM FUCKING PISSED [22 Sep 2004|07:00pm]

ALL RIGHT YOU GUYS WIN. fine whatever do what you want IGNORE my posts becuase NONE of you obviously got my fucking message. i said  >>>



 no one has really been updating lately. im thinking about deleting this community. So if you actually want it to go on then please, dont hesitate to comment telling me what you think.

a few entries ago and not one person commented. but yet people still updated.. WTF IS UP WITH THAT. it takes two fucking seconds to comment saying if you want it to go on or not. AND YOU CANT BE THAT FUCKING BUSY. i know all of you .. god take some time and tell me what you fucking want and if you dont by friday the communitys gone FOREVER.

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